Our Story

As a proud and successful graduate of Howard University, founder Dominique King was alarmed when she realized she had never received a single funding request from her alma mater. King decided to do her own research and found that many Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) lack the resources required to maintain fully-staffed fundraising departments; therefore, many alumni are never given the opportunity to contribute to their HBCU’s legacy. In addition, federal resources seem to dwindle with each passing year, leaving HBCUs to face difficult decisions regarding programming cuts or eventual closure . King was determined to find a way to provide HBCU alumni, and others, with the opportunity to support the legacy of HBCU’s through a more creative and non-traditional avenue.

I Heart My HBCU is a product of King’s determined commitment. This application enables graduates, and anyone else who believes in the legacy of these great institutions, to donate spare change and volunteer time to show some love to HBCUs.

Our Mission

I Heart My HBCU is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that aims to preserve the educational legacies of our country’s HBCUs by assisting in their fundraising efforts.

I Heart My HBCU is about more than just donations – it embodies a movement. In addition to monetary donations, the Challenges section of the app rewards users’ various volunteer efforts including chaperoning groups of prospective students as they tour HBCUs, speaking to student groups about their personal HBCU experiences, or recruiting to fill internships or career opportunities at HBCUs. Each verified volunteer opportunity enters volunteers to win cash toward their own student loan repayment or toward graduate school.

How Spare Change Shapes the Future

I Heart My HBCU is committed to ensuring every dollar makes a difference. 80% of our resources go directly to the colleges and universities to help where they need it most. The main areas in the biggest need of help are:

student aid and scholarships
campus upgrades
university programs and schools
hiring exceptional faculty and staff
You need large sheets of aluminum to create an airplane, but it’s the thousands of tiny rivets which hold it together. I Heart My HBCU provides a platform where anyone can contribute a rivet or two toward continuing the distinguished legacies of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. No matter how small the donation – single, recurring, or rounding up the spare change – a few cents from thousands of people can build a better future for students and educational communities across the country.

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